FFV Ex-officio Richard Roadcap presented the Kenny Grandstaff award

FFV president Tom Mlot (R) presenting Richard Roadcap the Kenny Grandstaff award.

At our January Annual Banquet FFV Ex-officio Richard Roadcap was presented the Kenny Grandstaff Continuing Service award for his many years of dedicated service to the Fly Fishers of Virginia.




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Bernard ‘Lefty’ Kreh

Fly fishing legend Bernard ‘Lefty’ Kreh passed away March 14, 2018.


Lefty was very kind to the FFV over the years.

We had him visit with us as a dinner speaker on several occasions and he was good friends with several of our club’s members.

He will be missed by many.

Here is a fitting tribute by his longtime friend Flip Pallot.


Lefty giving a casting lesson before the FFV 2004 Annual Banquet




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March 15th, FFV Dinner meeting


Our Thursday, March 15th dinner meeting speaker will be Mike Bednarski, Fisheries Director of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.



Mike will talk to us about the ‘state of our fisheries’.






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January 27th, 2018 FFV Annual Banquet


Join us on January 27th, 2018 for our Fly Fishers of Virginia Annual Banquet.



Our guest speaker will be Brian O’keefe



Fishing Bum With A Camera

I have had so much fun pretending to call fly fishing photography work, that I still describe this endeavor as a ‘hobby out of control’. I sold my first fly fishing photograph when I was 16 years old, and let me tell you, that was a fairly long time ago. Since then, it has been my absolute pleasure to work with some of the finest publishers, magazine and photo editors and graphic artists in the world. I consider the following publishers of fly fishing  photography some of the finest, and thank you for using me as a contributor: Field & Stream Magazine, USA Today, The Drake Magazine,  Outside Magazine, American Angler Magazine, Orvis, Patagonia, Fly Fisherman Magazine, Outdoor Life Magazine, Catch Magazine, Fly Rod and Reel Magazine, Northwest Flyfishing Magazine, Voyage de Pesch Magazine, Oregon Tourism, Chile Tourism… I could go on and on, especially with the addition of blogs and all the websites for fly fishing lodges, products, travel companies, etc. It has been a good ride and thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way. I am more of a shoot from the hip photographer. I rarely use a tripod and I usually have to put down my fly rod or the oars to organize a shot. My style is basically editorial in nature and natural. I do not use professional models or fancy lighting. If I did, I couldn’t call this a hobby out of control. I have a very deep collection of images. From my backyard pond, here in Oregon, to far flung destinations like Alaska, the Bahamas, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Tonga, England, Mexico, Belize, Sierra Leone, Christmas Island and many more. Every decent fly fishing photographer has these kinds of lists, also. But, I have a little more time on the water than most. For example, I have made over 50 trips to Alaska and over 30 trips each to the Bahamas and Belize. Let me know what you are looking for, I’ll probably have it.




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FFV November 16th dinner



Please join us on Thursday, November 16th for an afternoon and evening with Ken Gangler of  Gangler’s North Seal river lodge.





Some bio ‘tidbits’ about Ken:



Born and raised in Chicago in 1960, moved to North-central Florida in 1994.  Been in the lodge business since 1984. Helped spearhead the introduction of fly-fishing for Northern pike since the early 1990s with hosted trips by some of the top names in the business. Lefty Kreh (8 trips), Flip Pallot, Dan Blanton, Ed Jawrowski, Bob Clouser, Nick Curcionne, Wanda Taylor are  just some of the noted fly-fishermen who have enjoyed Gangler’s. In 1997, instrumental in the development of Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge, Northern Canada’s top destination.



There will be an afternoon session too…more info to come!




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FFV September 21st Dinner Meeting




Rick Pope Bio

I was raised on a farm in Central Texas – and began pond, creek and river fishing as soon as I could walk. I enjoyed my first experiences with a fly rod (Shakespeare Wonder rod, foam spider and wind-up reel) on stock ponds in the early 60s. I graduated from Taylor High School and Trinity University in San Antonio before moving to Dallas in 1979. Through careers in banking (commercial lending – First National Dallas) and through sales positions with Wall Street firms (taxable fixed income – Lehman, First Boston, Bear Stearns), my interest and participation in fly fishing flourished. I met Ken Whellams, who owned Springbrook Canada in Calgary while fishing the BowRiver in 1980 and our friendship led to many great trips with the likes of Flip Pallot and Lefty Kreh. I also learned a lot about the fly fishing business and in 1995, I purchased Springbrook USA from Ken, which at the time was a wader and fly importing company. In 1997, Ken and I decided to import a few fly rods and Temple Fork Outfitters was born. The last 20 years have been wonderful – working with the likes of Lefty, Ed Jaworowski, Nick Curcione, Bob Clouser, Flip Pallot and others on fly rod design while building an exclusive relationship with our factory in South Korea. Through this, we have vigorously pursued new fly fishers by offering affordable products and by supporting various clubs and programs who share our goal. In 2009, Gary Loomis, founder of GLoomis, agreed to join our design team to help us build our family of “all tackle” spinning and casting rods. While most of our fly fishing rod designers including Lefty and Flip are quick to pick up a spinning or plug rod, Gary certainly advanced our design and engineering. Most recently, Larry Dahlberg and Cliff Pace (2013 Bassmaster Classic Champion) have joined our family, allowing us to focus more on regionally specific rods and actions. It is within the conventional rod market that I see the greatest growth opportunity for TFO. I am a passionate fly and conventional fisherman, a life member of both IFFF and Trout Unlimited, and recipient of the IFFF Silver King Award (for innovation in saltwater fly fishing). I have also been active in hunting and shooting sports. I am a member of both Texas and National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame, and am a life member of both NRA and Texas State Rifle Association.




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